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The Pro Plus Promise

Our Promise to You:

Our Proficiency Plus Pro’s are responsible for strictly adhering to the company’s Standard of Work policy. Project Managers are to diligently ensure compliance. All workmanship is to be performed in a professional workmanlike manner, customary to the trade.

Each Pro is to properly inspect their work, making certain of compliance with work order. Compliance extends to completion schedule and quality standards. Pro’s are responsible for having up-to-date work orders, change orders, and project specifications on-site.

All on-site materials will be protected by, and accounted for, by our Pros. Safety guidelines and OSHA regulations are always adhered to. In the event of an accident, a written report will be submitted to Management. Electrical devices such as cords, connectors, plugs, etc., shall be in good condition and properly grounded. Material is sorted and kept on-site, in an organized fashion to minimize waste.

Our Pro Plus Promise to You:

Professional House Painters

Proficiency Plus Painting strictly prohibits the use or possession of narcotics, alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives, children, pets, or loud music on the job-site. Use of bathroom facilities within the building is not permitted, unless permissible by the Home or Building Owner. No eating, drinking, or smoking is permitted inside the home or building at any time. Pro’s do NOT stand on or set any: tools, toolboxes, materials, or trash on finished countertops, vinyl, or ceramic surfaces.

Proficiency Plus provides personnel the equipment that is required for each specific work order. Proficiency Plus Painting is accountable for faulty workmanship it is responsible for. The Pro’s must be cautious and protect against damages to other trades’ finish surfaces. All damages are reported to the Project Manager and Homeowner as soon as they become evident. The job Site is left neat and tidy each day. All garbage and construction debris is to be collected in bin/dumpster, and removed from the site if at all possible. Personal trash brought from home is prohibited. Trash from lunch is NOT to be left at the job site. Absolute cleanup of job-related debris, and extra material, is mandatory. This excludes touch-up allocations for home or building owners.

A subsequent work order is required for any changes that exceed the signed contract amounts. Price must be negotiated and approved by the Proficiency Plus Project Manager, prior to additional work commencing. When the job is 100% complete, and final checklist is signed by the Project Manager, the invoice is submitted for payment. The executed checklist is attached for reference. Payment is due immediately upon completion of the project.